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Wicked Words

The Vampire in the Bookstore by Elle M Drew

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There is nothing more interesting to a book-loving vampire than an old bookstore...
and a human with the rich aroma of ink and parchment embedded in her skin...

For more centuries than he cared to count, Declan had found more comfort among his books and his personal library than he ever did around others, whether they be human or supernatural. With eternity before him, he treasures knowledge, the pursuit of it, and the preservation. Nothing, and no one, could ever part him from such endeavors.

Until, among the stacks of a familiar bookstore, he encounters a human with a love of books that rivals his own, and an interest in perusing his personal collection...

But for Rosamund, meeting Declan is so much more than exploring his home library, as she knows his secret. His deepest one. The one she knows he treasures above all others. She knows that he... is her favorite author.

And in just one very loosely planned encounter... she needs him to reveal everything... For the pursuit of knowledge, of course. And perhaps something else.

This monster romance features a plus-size heroine who knows what she wants and how to get it and her vampire love interest, who shares her love of old books and extensive libraries. This novella encompasses a long evening shared, ending with a HEA that becomes intensely, blatantly steamy along the way

ISBN: 979-8379371395 | Published: 19 April 2023 | Paperback | 151 pages