Our Story

Hi there!

I'm Briana, the owner and founder of Wicked Words. After a long day there is nothing my ADHD brain loves more than escaping into a great love story then staying up into the wee hours of the morning to finish it. 

Inspired by my love of the genre, speakeasies, my love of a good drink (be it a cocktail, mocktail, cup of tea, or steaming thermos of coffee), and passion for building community spaces that empower people to love what they love unapologetically, I decided to launch Wicked Words.

I've always been a dreamer so when it comes to the shop my dreams are big, bold, and something I will continue working towards long after our doors open.


What's the dream?

I want to create a safe space that celebrates romance reads.

A space where the books that have been traditionally deemed "guilty pleasures" don't have any guilt attached to them at all.

A space where romance readers of all kinds can find their community, whether they love traditionally taboo tropes, monster romance, meet-cute rom-coms, paranormal romance, fairy smut, or anything in between, and can feel comfortable gushing over their favorite reads.

A space where readers can embrace their sexuality, explore their interests, and foster their joy.

A space where everyone has the opportunity to find themselves represented on the shelves. 

Most of all, I want this space to be a living breathing thing that is shaped by those it was initially created for. 

So let's, chat books, and sip delicious drinks, and build something great together!