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Wicked Words

Summoner's Circle by Coral Alejandra Moore

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The magic is in her blood, and she never knew.

Sometimes young women go missing in Moonlight Bay, Oregon, but Dari Jiménez decided the sleepy college there was still the one for her. When a supernatural monster attacks Dari and her boyfriend in a dark stairwell, the struggle with everyday drama is swept aside.

A tough, tattooed woman with a mohawk rescues Dari and introduces her to the arcane secrets of her birthright as the last member of an ages-old bloodline sworn to combat an invasion of elemental fiends tearing through the veil between their world and ours.

Now she has to somehow fit magical combat lessons between her regular classes, all while keeping the hidden world she's neck-deep in secret from the people she cares about. Her boyfriend Tyler is starting to suspect something is up, and she can only send him across town to get her vegan tacos in the middle of a monster attack so many times before he'll figure it out.

Summoner's Circle is the twisty first book of a new adult urban fantasy series that will keep you guessing until the very last page. If you like sassy heroines, mythical creatures, and uncovering hidden magical worlds, this book is for you.

ISBN: 978-1088223154 | Published: 24 July 2023 | Paperback | 256 pages