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Wicked Words

Sasha and the Butcher by Stephanie Kazowz

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Sometimes you fall in love with a killer.

Sasha Mitchell had life figured out. A vivacious thirty-year-old, she owned her own business, shook her more than generous curves with a burlesque troupe, and kept her bed warm with a series of casual partners, not too worried about finding forever.

That is until her one night with Luca Moretti.

That one night was all it took for Luca to know Sasha was someone special. He falls fast and hard and would do anything to keep her—including lie about who he really is and how much danger she faces being by his side.

When Sasha discovers the truth, will she be strong enough to survive the Moretti Family?

Sasha and the Butcher is the first full-length book in a trilogy. It is an m/f romance, where the female main character is bisexual. This book contains mature themes and content that may not be suitable for all audiences. Please check the author’s website for CW and TW.

ISBN: 979-8985557824 | Published: 2 February 2022 | Paperback | 308 pages