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Wicked Words

Ruinous Notion by Linnea March

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"The music was a reminder of you and I couldn’t face that.”
“It’s funny. You never wanted to think about me and I never want to forget.”

Some people might work to avoid their ex-boyfriends, but no one has it worse than Matilda Lewis. After all, how do you avoid the man who broke your heart at eighteen when he’s the lead singer in the world’s biggest rock band? Mattie worked hard to erase Theo Blake from her life. Career, check, beautiful house in a safe community, check, marriage to a good man—well, that didn’t work out, but she got an amazing daughter. Raising her daughter on a small island in the Pacific Northwest, Mattie never envisioned a day when she would see Theo again.

Theo Blake knows a thing or two about sacrifice. Devoted to becoming the biggest star in rock music, he sacrificed sleep, friendships, and worked his fingers to the bone to get ahead. The women, the partying, the expensive cars—nothing felt as good as being on stage in front of thousands of screaming fans. Nothing except the one person he left behind. After twelve years apart, he never thought he would redeem himself to Mattie.

Until fate stepped in, bringing the two lovers back together.

Now that Theo has seen Mattie, he’ll ruin the world for another chance.

The heart-wrenching conclusion to the Prevalent Notion series asks, how far would you go to win back the only person you ever loved?

Ruinous Notion is a second chance, single mother, rock star romance.
It can be read as a stand-alone or as book three in the Prevalent Notion Series.

ISBN: 979-8985718850 | Published: 28 September 2023 | Paperback | 247 pages