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Wicked Words

Menstruation Matters Enamel Pin (B Grade)

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The pins in this listing are considered "B Grade" pins and have some light level scuffing on the gold edges. As such they've been discounted. 

Designed exclusively for our shop by artist Kit Cronk, this stunningly bold enamel pin is a nod to our favorite bloody books.

Menstruation matters and including it in media is a big part of normalizing the topic and shedding the shame that surrounds it. Books are no exception. Fantasy books in particular never shy away from blood, battle, and gore, so why shouldn't they also matter of factly embrace discussions of how their heroic characters deal with menstruation?

This pin calls that out with its fierce coat of armor and wickedly sharp blade seamlessly incorporated with the image of a uterus. The way blood simultaneously pours from both the blade and the uterus calls attention to the idea that blood is blood, and if books are bold enough to depict one kind of bleeding, they should have no problem depicting the other.