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Wicked Words

Medusa Candle

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Fragrance notes: Citrus Agave, Teakwood, Stoney Stares

This candle is inspired by one of the most iconic Wicked Women of all time: Medusa. In an ode to her, her story, and the significance she carries for many modern-day survivors of gender-based violence, we created this gorgeous candle that celebrates the power in all of us. A little bit sweet, a little bit earthy, with a bit of a sharp citrus bite, this strong and invigorating candle will energize any space you use it in. As an added bonus, eye-catching vibrant green and gold glitter are revealed when you pop off the lid to light this candle. 

These candles are 4oz soy candles and are packaged in a black tin.

Candle made by Novel Candle Co.