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Wicked Words

Let Me In by RM Virtues (Gods of Hunger #3)

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She never cared about being perfect...

Raised under Zeus’s self-serving influence, Athena only ever cared about being right. But with Zeus gone and everything changing, it’s been difficult trying to break free of the chains he so expertly secured her in as a girl. Especially when constantly worrying about Dionysos.

And he never cared much about saving himself...

Raised under Hades’ self-sacrificing influence, Dionysos only ever cared about pleasing everybody else. But when the opportunity to prove he’s more than a winemaker presents itself —with the promise of spending more time with Athena— he has no choice but to take it.

In a bid for peace, Athena and Dionysos are sent to an ailing Thassos City to try and strike a treaty. But with war within reach and rules rearranged, wit and charisma may just fall short. But they’ve long since decided that to protect each other, blood is a small price to pay. Even their own.

ISBN: 1736745468 | Published: 25 March 2022 | Paperback | 530 pages

CW: explicit sex, sex-based bet, femdom, pegging, praise, dry humping, alcohol consumption, drug use, threats of harm, physical harm, injury, physical violence, guns, explosions, murder, on-page battle, on-page death, attempted murder, kidnapping, inferred mental/emotional abuse (past)