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Wicked Words

Howl for the Gargoyle by Kathryn Moon (Monster Smash Agency)

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Hannah never wanted to be a werewolf. After over thirty years as a human, she finds her new life on the other side of the species line too full of sudden changes. Especially when those changes risk her band's chance at a world tour. Desperate for a way to slake the cravings and soothe the restless anger that arrives every month like clockwork, Hannah takes the advice of a friend and books a night with the Monster Smash Agency.

In spite of being made of stone, Rafe is losing his touch. After years of rough work, he's starting to feel the grind. Sturdy and nearly indestructible, gargoyles can take a lot, but Rafe is pretty sure he can't take losing any more of his clients. Not if he wants to keep his job with MSA.

Hannah and Rafe's partnership ought to be practical, but their chemistry carves a new path. This werewolf is unlike any client Rafe has worked with yet, and he's determined to make her howl his name.

ISBN: 978-1728231990 | Published: 3 December 2023 | Paperback | 360 pages