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Wicked Words

Hold Fast by Eliza MacArthur (The Laird's Holdings #1)

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At the end of her handfast to the vicious and abusive Laird Malcolm Cameron, Una has had more than enough of men to last a lifetime. She may be free from the arrangement but doesn’t know if she’ll ever outrun the pain of the past year. If only she can find a place to start over. A gifted healer, she decides to make her way to start a new life with a neighboring clan. Nothing can stop her now… except perhaps a stranger in the woods begging for help… and his life.

From his earliest memories, Ewan MacDonald knew he would become Laird. He could never have predicted how much loss would pave the way or how much of himself he’d have to sacrifice. Now, he’s responsible for his five younger siblings and his clan—and trying hard not to let the panic show. When his youngest brother is gravely wounded, he needs a healer. How fortunate, then, that one almost murders him in the woods.

Lives are at stake, but so too, it turns out, are hearts. Letting themselves be loved feels terrifying, but it’s nothing compared to the danger lurking in the shadows. When the demons of the past come calling, will Una and Ewan find the strength to trust the other to catch them? Or will all be lost?

Hold Fast is a dual-POV, medieval highland romance. It is the first book in The Laird's Holdings series

ISBN: 978-1454947875 | Published: 7 December 2023 | Paperback |