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Wicked Words

Club 22 by Tate James (First Edition Preorder) Hades #3

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This edition is the new Bloom Books edition, with a new cover, sprayed edges, and limited edition spine that is only available during the first print run.

Orders containing only this title will ship just before the release date. If you order multiple titles in the series at once, your order will ship just before the release date of which ever book in your order is the last to be published so that your order can be shipped all at once. 

They say to keep your enemies close and mine are all around me. At the heart of it are four dangerously gorgeous men. The man who wants to light my darkness and already paid the price for loving me. The man who can handle my power and loves every dark inch of me. The man who has been my closest companion and now threatens to upend our carefully balanced world in pursuit of me.

 But the fourth man is probably the most terrifying. He wants to take the others away. He wants to tear the spinal column out my empire. Destroy my businesses. Destroy me.


Because the man who should have stayed dead wants me and he will stop at nothing until he’s carved out my bloody, beating heart and left me broken.

He should remember who he’s dealing with…I’m not the girl he knew anymore.

 I’m Hades.

This time when death comes for him, I’ll make sure it sticks.

ISBN: 9781464220623 | Published: 1 October 2024 | Paperback | 416 pages