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Wicked Words

Beastly Kingdom by L. Penelope (Bliss Wars #2)

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To save my clan, I’m forced to marry my enemy.

The prophecy tells of danger coming for our shifter clans. Something far worse than the war between the Fai and Nimali.

The only solution is to bond our clans to avoid our destruction and ensure peace.

Thirty days is all I get. I will ruin the Nimali from the inside. The tiger inside me is lying in wait.

Except my new husband is not the man I thought he was.

To save my kingdom, I’ll marry the woman who tried to kill me

I am the new Nimali dragon king. No matter what, I refuse to follow the footsteps of my stepfather.

My life is filled with blood and pain.

I was never destined to marry for love. But I didn’t expect my bride to be the woman who tried to kill me days earlier.

I know she is a spy who will do anything to ruin me.

But I can’t help wanting to protect her. Wanting to be near her.

Our clans would never accept us. She would never accept me.

We were destined to be enemies, but fate had other plans.

Love and duty never go hand in hand.

Beastly Kingdom is a dystopian, enemies-to-lovers, shifter fantasy romance with intriguing worldbuilding and thrilling action.

ISBN: 978-1944744298 | Published: 28 April 2023 | Paperback | 326 pages