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Wicked Words

Anarchy by Tate James (First Edition Preorder) Hades #2

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This edition is the new Bloom Books edition, with a new cover, sprayed edges, and limited edition spine that is only available during the first print run.

Orders containing only this title will ship just before the release date. If you order multiple titles in the series at once, your order will ship just before the release date of which ever book in your order is the last to be published, so that your order can be shipped all at once. 

Five years ago, I made a choice that I haven’t regretted a day since. I protected the single most important person in my world, my little sister. I protected myself, and I seized control of the Tri-state Timberwolves. 

Since then, I’ve wielded that power with an iron fist. Done whatever it took to take care of my people. Kept us out of the public eye, and kept us safe. 

Now a ghost from my past is threatening my position. Challenging me. Peddling their poison and breaking my rules. Stabbing at me in the dark.

Blowing up my fucking club.

But this last attack has taken it one step too far. They have no idea the lengths I’ll go to protect what is mine. And Lucas? He’s mine. 

They want anarchy? They haven’t seen anything yet.

ISBN: 9781464220616 | Published: 27 August 2024 | Paperback | 368 pages