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Wicked Words

7th Circle by Tate James (First Edition Preorder) Hades #1

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This is a first edition preorder for the edition published by Bloom Books. It will have a new cover, sprayed edges, and exclusive spine design. Orders containing only this title will ship just before the release date. Please keep this in mind when picking a shipping option at checkout. If you order multiple titles in the series at once, your order will ship the just before the release date of which ever book in your order is the last to be published so that your order can be shipped all at once. 

This preorder also comes with a special NSFW art print.


Five years ago, I masterminded the infamous massacre of the Tri-state Timberwolves. 

The streets outside the Wolves HQ ran red with the blood of the old guard, and not one of those members loyal to my father were spared mercy. Not a single one. 

I let the media twist and distort the story. My new recruits eagerly proved themselves in spreading false news, in covering our tracks. To the general public, the Tri-State Timberwolves were extinct. 

But that couldn’t have been further from the truth. We changed, we grew, we evolved and came out stronger than ever. Now, I live, eat, sleep and breathe Timberwolves. I’ll do anything to keep my empire safe and thriving. To keep the people depending on me safe. 

So, what do I do, when it’s my own weakness that places us all in danger? When I let sex cloud my judgment, and my people pay the price? 

Simple. Kill the distractions. 

I’m called Hades for a reason, after all.

ISBN: 9781464220609 | Published: 20 August 2024 | Paperback | 288 pages