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Wicked Words

Vicious Union by Jocelyne Soto (Flor de Muertos #1)

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The son of the most dangerous Kingpin in Mexico.

The heir to the throne.

The man that individuals fear the most, next to my father.

According to my father those are things that I should be proud of. I should be proud of my heritage and wear it on my back with honor.

I’ll honor my heritage but I will not honor the path that is set out for me. The life that my father lives is not for me. I will do anything in my power to walk away from that life, and that apparently includes getting married in Vegas after a night of drinking.

She’s beautiful, everything that I have ever wanted, but I can’t have her. Not with the life that I live.

Not with the blood I have on my hands.

** VICIOUS UNION is book#1 of the Flor de Muertos Series. This story can be read as a completely standalone and at anytime in the series. **

Published: 978-1956430004 | 22 August 2021 | Paperback | 346 pages