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Wicked Words

Until I Get You by Claire Contreras

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*This is a standalone, new adult, hockey romance novel with morally gray characters*

3 years ago, she ruined my life. Now I'm going to return the favor...

My reputation at Fairview University preceded me. I was the projected number-one pick in the NHL draft and the fan favorite at the rink. People wanted to be me or be with me.

Except for Lyla James Marichal.

She didn't look at me like I was her next meal. She eyed me with disdain.

Instead of vying for my attention, she ignored me and pushed me away.

She was completely unattainable, and I became obsessed with her.

When I finally got her, it felt like I was on top of the world. I was going to help the team win another championship, going into the draft, and had Lyla by my side.

And then, without warning, she left me.


It took me three bitter, angry, long years to find her, but I did, and now she owes me a lot more than just an explanation.

Three years ago, she ruined my life.

Now, I was going to become her worst nightmare.

hockey romance
new adult
obsessed/possessive hero
boy falls first
#JP hero
boy obsessed
dark themes (content warning in the book)

ISBN: 978-1733041171
 | Published: 23 April 2023 | Paperback | 460 pages