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Wicked Words

The Time of Your Life by Sandra Kitt (The Millionaires Club #2)

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Second chances always lead to a new beginning!

When Everett Nicholls died, he left his millions to the two people he cared about most―the young law student he was mentoring, and his beloved stepson. Eden Marsh and Beck Dennison are instantly suspicious of each other. Suddenly, with all this money at their fingertips, family problems they've each been ignoring can no longer be swept under the rug. Beck and his mother have had a strained relationship since tragedy befell the family when he was a young teen, and Eden knows it's long past time to forge a new relationship with her demanding younger sister. As they begin to confide in each other―and to have fun together―their friendship is an anchor in a stormy new life…

ISBN: 978-1728270227 | Published: 11 April 2023 | Paperback | 352 pages