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Wicked Words

That Time I Took Down a Cult by Rebel Carter

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My name is Buffy Martinez and I’ve spent my entire life training to be a wife, but when a cult is the one leading me down the aisle there is no happily-ever-after waiting for me and I end up a virgin that can’t drive because my family totally sold me out to be a virgin sacrifice.

Jokes on everyone who thought they could lie to me because the god they tried to sacrifice me to just claimed me as his bride.

WRATH-not a god but a demon, and my devoted husband all the same.

Lucky me, he’s made it clear the only thing he cares to do is be a good husband, and what better way to prove his devotion than helping me teach an entire cult exactly what revenge looks like because there is no WRATH like a woman scorned.

ISBN: 979-8322914259 | Published: 8 May 2024 | Paperback | 388 pages