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Wicked Words

Summer Reading Bingo - Mystery Box

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Looking for help completing your summer reading bingo card? Let us do the work, sending you a personally curated selection of books perfectly suited to those empty spaces on your bingo card. Simply select a $ amount that suits your budget and we'll send you as many books as we can for that amount, filling in with bookmarks, stickers, and other fun freebies if there is any extra room in the budget.

Specify in the order notes at checkout what bingo spaces you're hoping to cross off so we know what we're shopping for. You can also tell us a bit about your personal taste in books and let us know if you have any strong preferences about what you don't want to receive. Keep in mind that what you receive is highly dependent on what we have in stock at the time of your order 

We promise that we'll always gift you a collection of items that is of equal or greater value to the amount you pay for the box. This may mean that you receive more items than is listed above or other types of items.