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Wicked Words

Spotlight on Poppy by Mary Warren

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Poppy Smith feels stuck. After watching her best friend fall in love with the help of a little magic spell, Poppy decides to try one for herself. Maybe then she will be able to finally start living the life she has always dreamed of instead of feeling stuck helping her family run their orchard business. When a Broadway star shows up she thinks her spell might just be working, but there is more to magic than meets the eye. The love story she has been yearning for may take an unexpected turn.

Josh Turner is the soul of the wonderful little town of Mystic Falls. If you ever need help, just call Josh and he's there with a smile. There is more to the happy-go-lucky guy than most people are aware of. Tragedy found him young and he has spend most of his life dreaming of finding a family and a place to belong. He has also spent most of his life in love with Poppy Smith, even though he never dreamed he would have a chance with her. But change is in the air in Mystic Falls and that might be just was Josh has been hoping for.

ISBN: 979-8986697246 | Published: 16 March 2023 | Paperback | Pages 280