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Wicked Words

One Night in Garoureve by Elle M Drews (The Shifters of Garoureve - Book 1)

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It was only supposed to be for one night...

Ariana wasn't expecting much when she pulled into the small town of Garoureve. Just a place to sleep for the night, a quick meal, and maybe a drink. What she found instead was a man with a smile who spent the night worshiping her body like it was his religion.

When morning came, she left with unexpected regret and a mark to remember him by. A mark that meant a lot more than she realized. A mark that meant her one-night stand wasn't going to be her only night with him.

But when his secrets start to impact their new life together, it no longer matters that his touch feels like magic and he feels like her soulmate. Sometimes, the problem isn’t the actual secret being kept. It’s the power that a secret can hold.

The first book in a series of paranormal romances featuring plus-size heroines, wolf shifters, fated mates, and a town that magically appears when it’s needed.

ISBN:979-8487022110 | Published: 30 November 2021 | Paperback | 296 pages