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Wicked Words

Legend of the Huntress by K. Godin - Signed!

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*This listing is for signed copies of Legend of the Huntress*

Skylahr Reed had been nothing more than the outcast for her twenty-two years and has finally grown to accept it. But when a fever hits the village of Noorde Point, she is the only one who can find the courage to journey past the town’s gates in hopes of finding a cure.

Forced to venture into the unknown lands of Elrin, Skylahr soon discovers every tale was told as a child was false. The War of the Gods was not just a myth and the evil Goddess, the Seductress, and her Crimson army are well and truly alive.

Thrust into a world of chaos and death, Skylahr is required to make impossible choices and trust those around her, including the dark and dangerous Kalian, a man who always seems to be waiting in the shadows. But what secrets is he hiding and will Skylahr be able to protect her untouched heart from him?

This is a New Adult novel and is for audiences 18+

ISBN: 1777880513 | Published: 2 April 2022 | Paperback | 412 pages