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Wicked Words

Eleven Wings: The Complete Edition by Brittni Chenelle

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To be fair, everyone was already dead when I got there.

My name is Valerie and I’m a traitor . . . At least, that’s what the Valkyries tell me when I arrive in purgatory. I can’t remember, so how the hell can I prove my innocence? In the meantime, the Valkyries are training me to help them keep the darkness at bay, but I’m pretty sure they got the wrong girl. You see, the darkness calls to me, and the closer I get to it, the more I suspect the Valkyries might be right about me. They’re watching closely—especially Jaemin. He’s hella sexy and taking this betrayal situation rather personally. Now I’m on a desperate mission to clear my name and prove that I’m the champion they need.

But the more I dig, the more I believe that the Valkyries are far from innocent. Each of the guardians of light hides a sinister secret of their own and I’m going to get to the bottom of it even if it brings hell down on us all.

Enjoy all six of Brittni Chenelle’s Serialized Eleven Wings Series!

Books Included

  • Episode 1: Valerie
  • Episode 2: Cielle
  • Episode 3: Thorn
  • Episode 4: Irina
  • Episode 5: Faraj
  • Episode 6: Jaemin

If you love reading about scorching second chance romances, sexy valkyries, sexier demons, and unexpected twists that keep you up long after The End, then one-click today and fall into this magical new series that's Fallen meets Hush Hush! This series contains, violenceadult language, and explicit adult scenes and is intended for mature audiences.

Diverse Fantasy, Second Chance Romance, Paranormal Romance, Multi-POV

ISBN: 979-8779201032 | Published: 5 December 2021 | Paperback | 606 pages