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Wicked Words

Keep Me Close by RM Virtues (Gods of Hunger #2)

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She is the closest thing Khaos Falls has to a goddess…

And Aphrodite is feared and worshipped in equal measure. She has dedicated her life to being a savior for the lost regardless of the risk, but when unknown enemies nearly assassinate her in her own club, she realizes her reckless vigilante tactics won’t cut it anymore.

He is the furthest thing Khaos Falls has from a hero…

In fact, Hephaestus is who you call when all the heroes have fallen. Still, he is the best at what he does, strengthening the city’s weaknesses and keeping his feelings out of it. When tasked with Aphrodite’s personal security, it’s easy for him to detach himself from their mutual disdain. Until disdain is no longer the only thing he feels for her.

With their enemies elusive and snakes in their midst, good hearts and sharp wit may not be enough. But he made a vow, and he will keep it. Even if it means turning newfound feelings into newfound strengths and using them as a weapon to protect her.

ISBN: 1736745433 | Published: 30 July 2021 | Paperback | 348 pages

CW: on page violence, explicit sex, rough sex, daddy kink, consensual sex work, physical violence, attempted murder, on page death, conversations around and about human trafficking (no sexual assault or violence within this topic on page, but the MCs are up against traffickers and so conversations surrounding trafficking are present), guns, knives, bombs, ableist language (addressed on page).