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Wicked Words

Capricorn Cove Vol. 1 by Evie Mitchell

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This edition includes Books 1-4 in the Capricorn Cove Series.

Thunder Thighs, Book 1

Ella Bronze was waiting for the right man to come along and rock her world. When Gunnar Larsson walks into her bar, it looks like her God of Thunder has arrived... and he's more than willing to plunder her waiting thighs.

Double the D, Book 2

Bluebell McKenney had always watched Drake Andrews and Dane Butler from afar. Hotter than hell, she'd fantasized about her Double D's with the kind of kinky need that had Satan engraving her seat in Hell. Aware of her interest, Drake and Dylan are back in town and ready to give their woman a taste of Double the D.

Muffin Top, Book 3

Honey Jameson hadn't planned on running into her high school crush while dressed as a cupcake. But one glance and she's ready for Sheriff Tristan Rodriguez to take a bite. Lucky for her, Tristan wants to devour her whole.

The Mrs. Clause, Book 4

Separated for nearly half a decade, Collins Del Laurentis wants only one thing - a baby. But she's opened the door now, and her husband Nick isn't about to let her close it again. This Christmas it's time to unwrap his favorite gift - one piece of clothing at a time.

ISBN: 0648968790 | Published: 20 April 2021 | Paperback | 326 pages