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Wicked Words

A Tempest of Emerald Dream by William J Wood (Tales of Malmar #1)

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Enter the world of Aralva with book one of the TALES OF MALMAR anthology series by William J. Wood. Perfect for fans of The Grishaverse & The Wheel of Time.

"There is no harm in hope."

Far beyond the wonders of Aralva, past where the river splits and the chasms cry, Elorin lays in peace - home to the saviour.

In the dark to a brewing evil, Alleria Valrona works as a librarian.
But her whole life has been a lie.

Alleria is not like the rest.
She is a prophecy.
She has the power... The power to end it all.

She is sought by a mystical guardian with a life-altering plea: find Aralva and save us all. Alleria and her friends must travel across Malmar to discover the secrets of their land, but above all – stay alive.

Family is the key to survival.

But can she trust those who keep secrets from her?

And what is willing to sacrifice to fulfil her prophecy?

ISBN: 1739838505 | Published: 10 May 2022 | Paperback | 362 pages