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Wicked Words

A Daughter of Triton (the complete series) by Aleera Anaya Ceres

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What’s worse than being the smiling, obedient daughter of the greatest war general in Atlantis?

Being the only female chosen to attend an all male academy.

As one of the most prestigious schools on the island, Triton’s Academy caters to the big, the brawny, and the worthy. Only the most elite mermen are chosen to become warriors, protectors of Atlantis.

And I, Calliope Solandis, can’t figure out why the oracle chose me.

Nothing at the academy is like I imagined; it’s worse. But to fulfill a lifelong dream, I’ll face the brutal truth of a warrior’s training and test my body and mind in ways I never knew were possible. Neither the pain, the bullies, or even four annoyingly handsome mermen will dissuade me from making my father proud.

Because I will prove to everyone at this misogynistic school just how powerful a mermaid can truly be.

A Daughter of Triton contains all three sexy mer shifter books: Triton's Academy, Triton's Prophecy, Triton's Legacy.

It is a Reverse Harem series with themes intended for readers 18 and older.

Published: 15 December 2021 | Hardcover | 786 pages